Corporate Today | About
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Corporate Today IT

Corporate Today is a distribution company which specialise in software, hardware and other innovative products in Australia.

Our vision is clear and that is to offer top quality products at the best price in the market. We work on high sales volume so we can afford to lower margin. 

We have been following the good example from other successful organisations; we gradually increase our product line. We are now providing software license for Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Sophos and ESET Antivirus. We also partnered with other software distribution companies, so we can now get access to almost every big brands and top quality software for our clients.

We are also working with resellers to provide IT complete solutions for Medical centres, Dental Clinics and Pharmacy. We also provide tailor-made software for our clients. 

Corporate Today also partnered with Aumei World to distribute Hisense Point-of-sales Hardware System in Australia and New Zealand. Corporate Today also work with SynergyPOS, as a strategic business partner for ARMS point-of-sales software system in Victoria.